Now I am become Twitter, the destroyer of verbosity

In a stunning turn of events, I created a Twitter account. Once proud of my aversion to the little blue bird, curiosity got the best of me and I decided to take the social media juggernaut for a test tweet.

It’s been a week, and my performance is, well, underwhelming. With a mere fourteen followers, my musings don’t exactly circle the globe. Such a lackluster performance, however, may have something to do with what’s left of my uncertainty toward the ethos of the site itself. While I enjoy the idea of following every thought that pops into the cocaine-addled brains of the Hollywood glitterati, I’ve yet to warm up to the rigid character limit imposed on every tweet.

But I’m making progress. Until quite recently, I had a borderline moral objection to anyone willingly saying less in an age of unprecedented access to just about every speck and smidge of information known to man. It all seemed so counterintuitive. Why limit speech with a leash 140 characters-long when technology allows it to roam free and nude in society’s endless backyard? In my mind,  punching out a tweet was akin to stripping the flesh of conversations, opinions and observations, and Generation-Y, it appeared, was buying into immediacy and convenience at the cost of details and description.

Dramatic, I know, but such were my convictions before my recent social media experiment. My initial response was lukewarm, perhaps even reactionary, but each day brings a newfound sense of acceptance, appreciation and, what the hell, enthusiasm for the dot com. Ultimately, brevity doesn’t equal dullness, and as an individual prone to long-windedness, it pains me to say that.

I wanted to believe that stimulating conversation couldn’t exist in Twitter’s terse terrain. Perhaps that’s true. But perhaps I was also threatened by its draconian character limit. Indeed, I’m still wrestling with the task of condensing my musings, but, as mentioned earlier, I’m making progress. And it is, I must add, fun. After all, where else do New York Times-delivered political updates walk hand-in-hand with the deep introspections of Shaq?

If this blog doesn’t satisfy your unyielding appetite for all things alliteration, then this will surely do the trick:!/JoeDoolittle My current fan base is small – and lacking in devotion – so I’m always looking for new members of my flock.

So follow me, children,  and watch as I help drive a splintery stake into the dying heart of verbosity, 140 characters at a time!


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