A Departure from Normalcy

Pardon my absence, dear readers. Things here at “Enter Joe Smiley” have been quiet for the past three weeks, but yours truly is now officially a college graduate. So, as the reverent hum of “Pomp and Circumstance” gently fades into the background and my time as a student becomes a thing of days-gone-by, I turn to a world of public radio, tucked-in shirts, and receding hairlines. Yes, it’s time to grow up, I suppose. But hey, at least I got in one more trip to the real greatest city in the world, the Jewel of Central Florida – Orlando. It only seemed fitting to celebrate my impending foray into the hustle n’ bustle of the workforce with a week-long romp through Universal and, of course, Disney World. Why not visit the place where dreams come true before ultimately succumbing to the one where they’re shattered, right?

At any rate, I think Bob Dylan put it best when he sang, “The times are different from how they used to be.” Indeed, my cushy lifestyle is soon to be replaced with one of big boy obligations.

Until then, enjoy this snapshot from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the newest addition to Islands of Adventure in Universal Studios. Not even a horde of dementors could suck the life out of this Muggle-mullet. Respect?


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