Late Night Monologue – Week of 7/18/11

Rupert Murdoch’s testimony before British Parliament on Tuesday was cut short when comedian Johnnie Marbles charged the embattled CEO and hit him in the face with a pie. Embarrassingly enough, Murdoch then received a blast of water to the face after  Marbles asked him to smell the flower on his lapel. 

Michele Bachmann’s ability to serve as president once again came into question after it was revealed that the current contender for the GOP nomination suffers from frequent, debilitating migraines. Rick Santorum then admitted to suffering from frequent, debilitating bouts of “Who the hell is that guy?”

The in-flight movie celebrated its 50th anniversary last week. In honor of the momentous occasion, millions across the country idly flipped through the latest issue of People Magazine. 

– Rapper Ja Rule was sentenced to two years in prison following charges of tax evasion. But, officials say, if he displays good behavior, then he’ll be granted Pa Role.

Al-Qaeda announced it will be releasing a feature-length cartoon in hopes of attracting children to its cause. Studios in America refuse to release the film, however, as they fear it might bomb. 


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