About this new, confounded feature

Behold! There’s a new feature to the Joe Smiley experience, and you’re eyeballin’ it right now — Jokes for a Non-Existent Late Night Chit-Chat Show. Scribbled on my bucket list somewhere between “dine-and-dash whilst wearing a tuxedo” and “tell a steward/stewardess that there’s a damn gremlin on the wing” is “one day (preferably sooner than later) write for a late night talk show.” Unfortunately, you can’t simply apply for that job like you would to dish out lattes and smug glances at the neighborhood coffee hut, so I figure I’ll go ahead and start, with or without a real-deal show filling my pockets with Ben Franklin & Co. for my efforts.

In true talk show fashion, the attempted jokes will be topical, each one relating to a recent event in the wide world of politics, entertainment, the obligatory zany human interest story, and so on and so forth. So, with that in mind, be sure to get the zingers while they’re hot (i.e. relevant). I’ll put out a mini set each week.



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